The Squirrel Was Labeled More Important

Tuesday morning saw the death of two beloved local icons. The first, an outstanding former high school athlete and friend to many, while the other an albino squirrel that brought hope to university students and faculty during times of stress. Only one of these losses saw an outcry from those across social media and official news outlets.

Don't Steal an Ambulance

Despite the social influence Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto has had it is never a good idea to take an emergency vehicle on a joy ride around town. This has been realized by a Fort Worth man who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after stealing and crashing an ambulance through a fence last year.

Winter is Coming (Late 2016)

Texas is getting ready to throw Denton County another Mother Nature curveball. Temperature are expected to plunge more than 40 degrees this weekend. Normal temperatures are not expected to resume until Tuesday. This according to official with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.